Premier Personal Defense Training


Public Warrior Workshops

"I can't tell you enough how grateful I am. You changed my 14-year-old daughter's life. After the course, she walks through the world differently."

Fundamental self defense principles and skills anyone can employ.

Our Warrior workshop series starts Jan 22nd @ Iowa Western Community College follow this link to the registration page

Email us to schedule a private workshop for friends and family.


Business Team Warrior Workshops

"Each time, our employees learn something new from their pro’s. Our employees walk away with more knowledge and preparedness to defend themselves should the opportunity present itself. The passion of Jim is apparent."

Great team-building events. Fitness, Focus and Applied Force. The motivation that results from this session will impact your workplace. Guests will also receive a Damsel IN DEFENSE self-defense tool to train with and take home with them! 


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Workplace Lunch and Learns

 "...the Kung Fu Damsels are one of the areas best kept secrets." 

Risk factors for everyday assessment. 

Sexual assault is not about sex!

The mind of the predator.

Becoming a hard target. 

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Our Instructor Team

 "Jim is a great instructor and his commitment to women’s self-defense is obvious!" 

Over 20 years training and experience.

Veteran owned and operated.

Certified instructors

Credentialed Martial Lineage


Angie discusses her passion and the Damsel Business Opportunity! 


Stun Gun Training Drills 


Striking tools and pepper sprays! 


Amanda and Jon work stepping, punching and timing drills. 


Look at nothing, feel everything. Jon and Jim practice some advanced sticky hands drills. Yes, they're blindfolded, and no we don't recommend trying this at home! 


Deploying the Sock It To Me striking tool.