"Damsel-ing" ( verb )



We are so honored to be a part of the Damsel IN DEFENSE mission!

- non lethal self defense tools

-unique business opportunity

- having fun while making a difference

Do you want to help make a difference?

Empower Hours


We will bring the Damsel IN DEFENSE Mission to you. 

- home gatherings

- office parties

- social groups

Warrior Workshops


On Your Feet-Hands Up

- learn simple self defense skills 

- practice with Damsel IN DEFENSE tools

- and it's just plain fun

Equip Empower and Educate Your Family.

Women's Self Defense


Damsel IN DEFENSE Mission in Motion

- Gather your Damsels, public or private

- Colleges, Churches, Neighborhoods

- Public events posted on Facebook

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On The Road With Damsel


Supporting Damsel In DEFENSE Pros

Damsel Director

Recruitment Award Recipient 

Top 10 Ranking In Personal Sales 

Join Us To See Where 'Damseling' Takes Us Next! 

The Warriors in the Garden


The Martial Arts Behind The Mission

- share our history, learn ancient skills

- discover the warrior in you

- grow as you train and help others

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